Clean Staking

As a platform tailored for institutions, Dexponent places utmost emphasis on fully complying with local and global regulations. Maintaining complete transparency and implementing robust anti-fraud measures are also essential to mitigate uncertainties, legal risks, and compliance challenges, and safeguard against reputational risks.

Dexponent provides clean staking. Clean staking entails that all involved parties undergo KYC and AML checks, facilitated through industry-leading providers such as Chainalysis and Purefi. The verification process encompasses document authentication, proof of address validation, and continuous screening against global watchlists. Implementing KYC procedures across all entities involved acts as a stringent barrier, effectively preventing the infiltration of any bad actors into the system. Furthermore, this practice ensures that all ETH within the system maintain a clean history. Additionally, the whitelist of addresses is publicly available on the blockchain, ensuring accessibility for verification by anyone.

Sophisticated crypto forensics tools and visual analytics are utilized to investigate and trace fund movements, particularly when examining suspicious activities. Upon the detection of a transaction raising suspicions or the identification of ETH sources associated with questionable actors, the involved party undergoes immediate blacklisting. Conversely, clearing all the compliance checks results in the party being whitelisted. In cases where transactions raise doubts without confirmed malicious intent or in situations of uncertainty, the party is greylisted.

Upon clearing all KYC checks, a party remains valid for one year, after which re-evaluation is mandatory. For AML compliance, monthly checks are required. This process ensures that even previously reputable entities engaging in illicit activities are blacklisted. These consistent and systematic checks guarantee that the parties engaged in our system undergo continual scrutiny, minimizing the possibility of any illicit activities going undetected or unaddressed.