Admin Roles and Responsibilities

Since the deployer of the smart contracts is the Admin, and the Admin has some privileges explicitly set in the smart contracts, below are all the responsibilities of the Admin:

  1. Pause Stake: The Admin can decide to pause staking on the platform. This will disallow any deposits happening on the MSC. The admin has no access to the funds available in the ISC.

  2. Pause Unstake: The admin can decide to pause unstaking on the platform. All the Validators will be running as expected and exiting them will be paused. The admin will have no access to any funds the user has deposited.

  3. Pause Withdrawal: The withdrawal of the unstaked ETH on the ISC can be paused by the Admin. The ETH will remain in the ISC and the admin will have no access to these funds.

  4. Pause rewards claims: The admin can pause the claim of all the unclaimed rewards in the ISC. This means the rewards ETH will remain in ISC until the pause is revoked by the admin.

  5. All the imperative privileges to unpause the paused functionalities.

  6. LST Mint and burn:

    1. Mint: Identified by MINTER_ROLE, the admin can mint the LST and transfer it to a particular address.

    2. Burn: Identified by BURNER_ROLE, the admin can direct to burn LST from a particular address.

    3. Pause: Identified by PAUSER_ROLE, the admin can pause both the mint and burn of the LST.

  7. Change Owner: The admin has the privilege to change the address of the owner of the smart contracts. This transfers all the responsibilities to the new address.

  8. Deposit funds from ISC to Node Operator: The admin can direct the ISC to deposit the ETH to the Node Operator Smart Contract.

  9. Upgrade Implementation: Admin has permission to upgrade the implementation of smart contracts. The admin can change the contract to which the proxy delegates call.

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