The distributed clETH offers a wide array of utilities, each catering to diverse user needs within our ecosystem.


Users can leverage their clETH holdings as collateral for loans with an exceptional 90% Loan-to-Value ratio on platforms like AAVE. This high LTV empowers users with extensive borrowing potential, allowing access to a substantial asset value against their clETH collateral.


Users can go to any DEX or CEX and securely swap between clETH and ETH or USDC/USDT. This functionality ensures efficient and straightforward transactions within our ecosystem.

P2P Lending and Borrowing

Users can engage in peer-to-peer lending and borrowing activities, leveraging the clETH asset. This feature amplifies financial opportunities, providing liquidity options and fostering a dynamic lending environment within our platform.


Beyond our ecosystem, users can further optimize their clETH holdings by seamlessly restaking them on other protocols like Eigenlayer. This enhances their staking capabilities and potentially increases their yields, amplifying the utility and versatility of clETH.