Liquid staking for Institutions

As previously mentioned, the current market presents an opportune moment for institutions to enter the liquid staking market. However, there exists no sophisticated infrastructure made for institutions, as their requirements significantly differ from those of the masses.

Dexponent offers institutions clETH, denoting 'clean ETH' that originates from a verified, reputable source, instantly exchanging it for ETH. This instant exchange renders staked ETH immediately liquid. Later, clETH can be exchanged for its equivalent value in ETH at the time of unstaking.

Note: 1 clETH = 1 ETH

clETH Lifecycle

The 'clETH contract' is a smart contract responsible for the minting, pausing, or burning of clETH tokens. When a user stakes ETH, they receive the liquid token, i.e., clETH, in return. Consequently, the clETH contract mints clETH tokens equivalent to the amount of ETH staked by the user. Similarly, when a user wishes to unstake their ETH, they can exchange their clETH for ETH, maintaining a 1:1 ratio between clETH and ETH.

Additionally, rewards are distributed among users in the form of clETH. When a user claims rewards, an equivalent amount of clETH, matching their ETH rewards, is minted.