The development of DeFi was guided by principles such as decentralization, openness, accessibility, transparency, asset ownership, control, liquidity, and market efficiency.

With the introduction of our infrastructure, our aim is to prioritize the user experience and value for the following stakeholders as fundamental principles.

Institutional Investors

Institutional investors(TradFi and DeFi) and DAO treasuries participate by providing significant capital investments, in return of long-term returns and strategic involvement, contributing to the ecosystem's financial stability and growth.


Founders and Investors are responsible for setting the direction and vision, shaping the rules and protocols, and guiding the decision-making process within the ecosystem.

Validators and Node Operators

Validators and node operators perform crucial tasks of validating transactions, maintaining network integrity, and ensuring consensus within the system, often by staking tokens or providing computational resources.

Utility Providers

Utility providers offer essential services, utilities, or tools crucial for the system's functionality, which could include services related to security, data, or other specialized functions, enhancing the overall

Developers and Community

Developers and the community form the backbone of innovation, contributing code, ideas, and support. They foster network improvements, engage in discussions, and drive community growth and adoption.

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